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At Woodland Cellars, it’s more than just fermenting crushed grapes to us. With a deep appreciation and commitment to flavor and aroma, we strive to provide our customers only the finest assortment of red and white wines made under our watchful eye. From dry to sweet, Woodland Cellars has an option for any wine preference.




Chardonnay - As beautiful and elegant as the name implies. A fruity bouquet with hints of French oak compliments the crisp clean lingering finish of this excellent white wine.
Cabernet Sauvignon - Oak and tannins lend structure to the foundation of the black currant and cherry flavors of this delightful cab. A dazzling aroma leading into a deliciously sumptuous wine. Our darkest and most luscious red.
Pinot Noir - A soft, silky, and smooth red wine which brings notes of black cherry and red raspberry. Earthiness with a hint of truffle and black spice add further dimension to this classic.
Malbec Argentine Red (ROJO) which boasts dark jammy flavors of ripe plums, and black blackberries. Complex on the palate, with flavors of smoke, earth, leather, and pepper.
Concord - This sweet red boasts a showy fruitiness paired with a high residual sugar. Its lengthy finish allows you time to appreciate this regional classic.
California - Our crisp California Riesling is a floral aromatic white wine with high acidity giving balance to its semi-sweet characteristics.
California - Sweet with medium acidity, this white wine is bursting with fruit flavors and delicate florals such as rose petal and elderflower.
Red Blend - Pinot Noir, Merlot, Malbec and Shiraz blended together in a light harmonious symphony of ripe berry flavors coupled with smooth notes of vanilla, and our outstanding charred oak. Truly a union to please the palate.
Eagles Blend- Woodland Cellars was born in Hubbard Ohio- home of the Hubbard Eagles. We specially balanced this red blend with our hometown family and friends in mind. Designed to intrigue all areas of your palate with medium oaky tannins and a fruit forward presence, these incredible characteristics combine with a semi dry, clean finish.

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